Grand Theft Auto V Trailer 2

With a year since the release of the first trailer to Grand Theft Auto V, the second trailer is finally here! The song used in the trailer is Stevie Wonder’s “Skeletons”. Discuss at GTA Forums.

GTAV Trailer 2 Delayed

Update, November 5th: Rockstar Games commented today that they’ll have an update on the second trailer this week: We’re also making available the newest official artwork from the game that was featured in last week’s announcement. Grab “Beach Weather” from the Rockstar Downloads page and look for much, much more to be revealed – including the Game Informer cover story later this week as well as an

GTAV Trailer 1 Without Music

Within the movie and video games industries, there is an entire art form dedicated to creating sound to match the action on screen. Called Foley Art, it is often created on a sound stage, as is demonstrated in this video. Using sound created by those artists, there are people who replace the original musical soundtrack of popular videos with foley art

Grand Theft Auto V Trailer Remake in San Andreas

While news is a little slow (is that the understatement of the century?) we thought we’d show you this trailer remake that was created by a member on our forums: Of course, this isn’t the only trailer remake. Here’s another great attempt from last year, incase you missed it. Related Link: Detailed remake of GTAV trailer in San Andreas –

Grand Theft Auto V Trailer Released!

The wait is finally over! The GTA V trailer is here. Check it out. Discuss on the forums or join the live chat. A selection of high resolution screengrabs can be found in our GTA V screenshot gallery.

Grand Theft Auto V Trailer Today!

The first Grand Theft Auto V trailer debuts today, November 2nd. Here is everything you need to know in order to prepare yourself: First of all, the countdown will end at 12:00 PM noon EDT (New York), 16:00 PM GMT (UK) and on Thursday at 03:00 AM GMT+11 (Sydney). When the countdown (below) reaches zero, it will be replaced by the trailer.

Trailer IV – Additional Screenshots

The Rockstar webmaster has just sent over some additional screenshots from the montage near the end of trailer 4. These aren’t direct captures from the trailer – they are the original high-resolution screenshots. Enjoy:

Final Trailer Released and Exclusive Screenshot!

The fourth and final GTA IV trailer, called “Good lord what are you doing?” (AKA “Everyone’s a rat”) has been released over on the official website. Head over there for the HD version and other downloadable formats. You can also view a collection of stills in our screenshot gallery. In addition, Rockstar were kind enough to send us this exclusive screenshot from the new trailer.

New Trailer Tonight

Tonight’s new trailer (titled “Good lord, what are you doing?” AKA “Everyone’s a rat”) will go online at 10 PM GMT (6 PM EDT) on the official GTA IV website. This will be the final trailer before the game is released next month. In other news… this month magazines got to preview GTA 4 multiplayer, and now the online press are getting their turn. The UK