Grand Theft Auto V Trailer Today!

The first Grand Theft Auto V trailer debuts today, November 2nd. Here is everything you need to know in order to prepare yourself:

First of all, the countdown will end at 12:00 PM noon EDT (New York), 16:00 PM GMT (UK) and on Thursday at 03:00 AM GMT+11 (Sydney).

When the countdown (below) reaches zero, it will be replaced by the trailer. To retrieve high definition and portable versions of the trailer, press the ‘Download’ button after the trailer starts playing.

To discuss the trailer, register free at our forums (registering only takes a few minutes!) and head over to the GTA V section, or join the live chat on IRC.

So what can we expect from the trailer? It should reveal the location, some brief details regarding the plot, and hopefully an indication of when the game will be released. The trailer will probably last around 1 minute.

Update: It looks like Grand Theft Auto V will take place in modern day Los Santos. We’ll update this post with more critical analysis throughout the day. Head over to this thread to discuss the GTA V trailer!