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Official Site Update

The official website has been updated with new multiplayer info, some new screenshots and also a multiplayer trailer. Check it out! And be sure to check out the new teaser sites: Its

Official Site Update & Multiplayer Confirmed

Just recieved an email from Rockstar to say that the official site has been updated. There are several new screenshots, some new emails, a few desktop wallpapers (including one that’s desgined for a PSP system) and also a new trailer, but the thing that immediately caught my eye is the new “Multiplayer” section. 1-6 players can take part. At the

Official Site Launch

Rockstar just mailed us to let us know that the official site has been updated with new screenshots, info, movies, an official trailer and more. Check it out! The US release date is October 25th 2005. Also, it seems Donald Love and Asuka Kasen are back… Mmm. Related Sites:Paulie’s Revue, Ammunation, Lips 106 FM, C.U.N.T

Official Site Expanded, PC and Xbox Screens Revealed

We’ve just received word from Rockstar that the official Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas website has been expanded with new PC and Xbox sections. To celebrate the launch, Rockstar has published a whole new bunch of San Andreas PC screenshots and the first ever digital San Andreas Xbox screenshots. They have also sent out a fansite exclusive screenshot. Here are the new PC screenshots, starting with

It’s Venturas, baby

With just a week to go before San Andreas goes on sale, Rockstar has finally revealed the Las Venturas section on the official site! Not only that, but the third trailer, entitled “Homecoming”, is online too. And, with that, I’m off to explore the site myself… New screenhots from the Las Ventura update added to the gallery; just in case the offical

Soundtrack Details & Official Site Update

Check out the official website for longer/different clips of the featured radio stations. Take-2 Interactive, parent of company of Rockstar Games have released more details regarding the double CD soundtrack. The double CD includes a bonus track an exclusive cover of the Nine Inch Nails early 90s industrial staple “Head Like A Hole” by Northern Californian punk band AFI, who formed in 1991. The track has been recorded

Soundtrack Teaser on Official Site

The official site has just been updated with a soundtrack tuner, a teaser for the official track listing being revealed on Monday, 18th of October. Available to listen are 10 radio stations. Master Sounds (soul, groove and funk) Playback (hip hop) Bounce FM (funk) K-DST (rock and roll) K-Jah Radio West (dancehall, reggae and dub) CSR (modern soul) Radio:X (modern rock) K-Rose (country and

Mini-Site Madness

The San Andreas mini-site saga begins… Epsilon Program Maccer I haven’t had a chance to check them out thoroughly yet, but I’m sure you will. Discuss your findings here…

A Round-up of today’s events

All screenshots published on the official website can be viewed here. We have what appears to be our first glimpse of Las Venturas. If you visit the “Hanky Panky Area” on the official website, you’ll see the line: “looks out towards Las Venturas”. Go check it out! Also note that “Blueberry” is the center of the entire state, so hopefully that gives you an idea