GTA V Viral Marketing Begins

Rockstar’s first GTA V viral marketing campaign has begun, starting with a number of tweets from the previously dormant Epsilon Program. The Epsilon Program first made an appearance in GTA San Andreas and has been mentioned numerous times on radio stations and by pedestrians. The religious cult brainwashes it’s followers into handing over large amounts of money and is believed to be

Introducing GTAModding.com – The GTA Modding Wiki

When news hit the modding community that RockStar were no longer offering support for modding of the GTA games, the future of modding was in question. Was this the end of GTA Modding as we knew it? While GTA San Andreas ‘2.0’ is harder to mod, the scene is still churning out mods. However, modders are still relying on modding forums for

GTA San Andreas PC Multiplayer Mod

Multiplayer in Grand Theft Auto is something we’ve always hoped for. While there won’t be official multiplayer support in the PC version of GTA San Andreas, a development team has been hard at work preparing for a high-quality internet-based multiplayer modification for the game. San Andreas Multi-Player (aka SA-MP) is currently being developed for the PC version of GTA Vice City and

Sales Expected To Reach $225 Million In First Week

GTA San Andreas is expected to bring in sales totaling $225 million a week from today, estimated to be 10%-25% more than GTA Vice City. While this is no surprise to the GTA series, sequels to recent blockbuster games rarely sell more than their original. If you’ve got the game, post your comments in the San Andreas forum at GTAForums.com. If you still

Get Off My Land!

The countryside has never looked so beautiful – check out these digital versions of some of the countryside screenshots that were featured in last month’s print previews. Afterall, it’s about time you went outside and enjoyed the lush colors and high resolution… Check out the whole bunch on the screenshots page.

Mini-Site Madness

The San Andreas mini-site saga begins… Epsilon Program Maccer I haven’t had a chance to check them out thoroughly yet, but I’m sure you will. Discuss your findings here…

GTA Not On GameCube, Says Nintendo

David Gosen, Managing Director at Nintendo of Europe has confirmed what many critics have been predicting – even with San Andreas creeping around the corner, Nintendo still do not want to introduce Grand Theft Auto to the GameCube. Gosen commented that GTA is a violent game and “a dead-end street”. We all know Nintendo as a colorful game developer, but

GTAVice.com Exclusive Screenshot

GTAVice.com Exclusive Screenshot

I was planning to hold this off as a ‘launch bonus’ for GTAVice.com (what am I like, eh?), but instead I’m posting it now. RockStar sent this exclusive screenshot to me, which shows a hooker and two people inside a Virgo in the early evening (or early morning). Enjoy. Thanks to Richard @ R* for sorting it out.