Introducing – The GTA Modding Wiki

When news hit the modding community that RockStar were no longer offering support for modding of the GTA games, the future of modding was in question. Was this the end of GTA Modding as we knew it?

While GTA San Andreas ‘2.0’ is harder to mod, the scene is still churning out mods. However, modders are still relying on modding forums for modding info, which while better than nothing, isn’t ideal – especially when the info you need is almost unsearchable or written and formatted in a way you simply don’t understand. Wouldn’t it be great if all this information was nicely organised and all in one place?

In an attempt to attract more modders to the scene and please our veterans, our resident machine-like programmer Fred kindly began work on a new site for GTANET some months ago. That site,, offers the modding scene a new facility to easily share modding knowledge of all the GTA games, in a Wiki-like interface. For those unfamiliar with Wiki pages, the concept is simple; Wiki pages are easily accessable and (usually) well organised web pages that can be contributed to by anyone. The frame work for the site was completed a few months ago and ever since SteveM has been creating the foundations of the categories.

Now the site is ready for the next – and most important – step; the content. The success of is dependant on your contribution. If you’re a modder and have something to share then head on over to now. There’s no need to create a new account to contribute – simply use your GTANET / GTAForums username and password. If you haven’t got a GTANET / GTAForums account, then register your own account here.