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When news hit the modding community that RockStar were no longer offering support for modding of the GTA games, the future of modding was in question. Was this the end of GTA Modding as we knew it? While GTA San Andreas ‘2.0’ is harder to mod, the scene is still churning out mods. However, modders are still relying on modding forums for

ZModeler 2 adds San Andreas DFF Support

An updated version of Zanoza Modeler 2 (ZMod) has been released allowing for the import and export of DFF model files in San Andreas. ZMod has consistently been one of the more popular tools used for modeling cars and buildings in all of the games in the GTA3 series but the newer version does have some limitations. Player models cannot be exported

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I’d like to point everyone in the direction of our Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas forums at There is a specific forum for Xbox and PC information and a PC troubleshooting forum has just been opened. There are also forums for gameplay help, general discussion and cheats and tricks where the first San Andreas PC cheats came from and are constantly being found. With over 700 users online at the