GTA San Andreas PC Multiplayer Mod

Multiplayer in Grand Theft Auto is something we’ve always hoped for. While there won’t be official multiplayer support in the PC version of GTA San Andreas, a development team has been hard at work preparing for a high-quality internet-based multiplayer modification for the game.

San Andreas Multi-Player (aka SA-MP) is currently being developed for the PC version of GTA Vice City and is approximately 80% completed. Kyeman, founder and lead developer of the mod, is hoping to port the modification over to the PC version of GTA San Andreas roughly 2 to 3 months after the game release. (I’m sure you’ll have lots to do in single player mode until then)

The SA-MP discussion forum has a new home over at Make sure you also check out the SA-MP web site, and don’t miss the Vice City play-test footage and screenshots.