San Andreas PC Gameplay Footage, Screenshots

The latest issue of german magazine “PC Powerplay” contains 20 minutes of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas PC footage along with a multiple-page preview. You can download either a 10 second clip or a 3 minute clip of the footage. The videos are straight from the DVD disc bundled with the magazine, and the german commentary on the videos is explaining what’s happening on the screen and the new features. 

The preview also has some interesting new confirmations:

  • The maximum resolution is 2048×1536.
  • The draw distance should be so good that from the Vinewood sign you should be able to see Las Venturas.
  • Pop ups and bad draw distance are “unfortunate phenomenons” and should be things of the past.

The last point could be debatable judging by the bad draw distance and empty roads seen in the video. Also notice the lack of shadows, although almost every preview indicated we would be seeing real time shadows.

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