IGN: A New Breed of Action

IGN have posted a new feature titled ‘Grand Theft Auto IV: A New Breed of Action’. The article looks at combat in GTA IV, and is based on the 90-minute preview session they were given by Rockstar two weeks ago. There doesn’t appear to be any [obvious] new info in it, but it’s probably worth a read nevertheless. “What we’ve seen

Vice City Stories Delayed

We reported yesterday that Vice City Stories has been delayed in Germany until November 3rd. Now it seems this applies not only to Germany, but to the whole of the world. Today, UK retailers Play and Gameplay both changed the release dates on their sites to November 3rd, while Amazon lists the US release as October 30th – meaning a 13 day delay. In Australia, meanwhile, the release is currently

IGN Produce 4 More Videos

IGN have added a further four videos to their site showing short clips from some of the action in Liberty City Stories. For those not yet certain in their mind whether or not to buy the game, these videos should provide an insight into the gameplay available. The four sequences show a wide variety of what to expect, featuring driving

Full San Andreas PC Gameplay Footage

The 20 minute PC gameplay footage we reported about earlier is now up for download. Use either BitTorrent or BitComet to download the torrent file and get the download going. We decided the torrent file would let our visitors see the video without compromising the bandwidth of our server.

San Andreas PC Gameplay Footage, Screenshots

The latest issue of german magazine “PC Powerplay” contains 20 minutes of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas PC footage along with a multiple-page preview. You can download either a 10 second clip or a 3 minute clip of the footage. The videos are straight from the DVD disc bundled with the magazine, and the german commentary on the videos is explaining what’s happening on

Gameplay Videos

Due to popular demand, a videos page has been created. There are 10 videos available for download, but more will be added as time progresses. All videos were created by the wonderful community at Be sure to check out the San Andreas gameplay videos.

Gamespot Gameplay Guide

Gamespot have put up their own San Andreas gameplay guide, which covers all the basics and walkthroughs for all of the core missions. It consists of 32 pages and from what I’ve seen, is very thorough. It is also free, but I believe it requires a Gamespot Basic (free) registration to view.

San Andreas Leaked

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock all day, you’ve probably heard the rumors making their way around the intraweb about San Andreas being leaked online. Sadly, it turns out that this is in fact the case. With just five days left until the game hits store shelves, pirated copies of San Andreas have begun to circulate the web. Moments