Insane Stunts Trailer

Head over to where they have brand new footage (30 seconds worth) showing insane stunt jumps in Vice City Stories. Thanks to for this one. Discuss.

Full San Andreas PC Gameplay Footage

The 20 minute PC gameplay footage we reported about earlier is now up for download. Use either BitTorrent or BitComet to download the torrent file and get the download going. We decided the torrent file would let our visitors see the video without compromising the bandwidth of our server.

San Andreas PC Gameplay Footage, Screenshots

The latest issue of german magazine “PC Powerplay” contains 20 minutes of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas PC footage along with a multiple-page preview. You can download either a 10 second clip or a 3 minute clip of the footage. The videos are straight from the DVD disc bundled with the magazine, and the german commentary on the videos is explaining what’s happening on