200,000+ San Andreas PS2 Cheats!?

Back in the beginning of May, we reported about all San Andreas cheat codes being found. The last unknown cheat code combinations were found by interpreting the hash values created by different combinations of button presses, and then comparing the resulting hashes with hashes for cheat codes programmed into the game. Due to the way the game’s cheat codes are programmed, it was discovered that every cheat had a huge number of different variations to it.

Over these few weeks, Skiller has been letting his CPU keep outputting code combinations, and now we have all the combinations ending with L1. (The game reads cheat codes backwards.) Here is an excerpt:

Valid Cheat Found: TC1R2D4LTD41 – B533F81F


Valid Cheat Found: 1R14SULLTD41 – 7620F788

All Cars Are Black: L1, RIGHT, L1, R2, SQUARE, UP, LEFT, LEFT, TRIANGLE, DOWN, R2, L1

Valid Cheat Found: TL3S3UDRTD41 – F9205C67

Slow Mod 2/Adrenaline Mode: TRIANGLE, LEFT, R1, SQUARE, R1, UP, DOWN, RIGHT, TRIANGLE, DOWN, R2, L1

Valid Cheat Found: TL41DRXRTD41 – 9BC98FB7

Only Gang Members Around: TRIANGLE, LEFT, R2, L1, DOWN, RIGHT, X, RIGHT, TRIANGLE, DOWN, R2, L1

Valid Cheat Found: 2SC1U3STTD41 – F9BC0421

Have Groucho Gear/Fun House: L2, SQUARE, CIRCLE, L1, UP, R1, SQUARE, TRIANGLE, TRIANGLE, DOWN, R2, L1

Valid Cheat Found: R31CDR3UD41 – 2A849202

Pedestrians Have Weapons: RIGHT, R1, L1, CIRCLE, DOWN, RIGHT, R1, UP, DOWN, R2, L1

The massive list of 17159 functioning cheat code combinations is up for download. If all goes well, perhaps we will soon have all the working combinations. At this tempo (17159*12) that should be well over 200,000 working combinations! Don’t forget these are not all unique cheat codes, it simply means there are 200,000+ combinations for the 91 in-game cheats.