Vice City Stories PS2 Button Cheats

The last few days have seen several cheat code combinations floating around for the PlayStation 2 version of Vice City Stories. Unable to test and confirm these codes, we couldn’t post them. However we can now confidently confirm that the button cheats from the PSP version of Grand Theft Auto Vice City Stories also work on the PS2 version. Weapon

CheatDevice v0.1 by edisoncarter

You heard me. Check it out! edison has implemented the following cheats to start off with – he tells us there are many more to come. Infinite Health and Armor Set Wanted Level Set Time Set Weather Spawn Anything Links: Forum Topic (info & download links), edisoncarter’s site

Button Cheats

edisoncarter has discovered the first ever valid cheat codes for Liberty City Stories. (We advise that you do not save with these cheats activated, as there is a risk of file corruption.) If you find out what the “unknown” cheats do, please let us know! More will be revealed shortly. Keep checking back for updates. Related Link: edisoncarter’s site, GTAForums Topic

GTA San Andreas PC Cheats

edisoncarter just sent me a whole bunch of GTA San Andreas PC cheats, currently untested. As with the PS2 version, there are multiple valid combinations for each cheat, so below we have listed the shortest possible combinations: “It could take some time to find the intended textual words.” edisoncarter The following cheats were not implemented: Drive On Water Do Nothing Hookers

GTA San Andreas Xbox Cheats

Our Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas cheats page has received a slight rearrangement with the introduction of the new ports. The PS2 cheats have remained on the main cheats page, but will be accompanied by the PC and Xbox cheats. There are also individual cheats pages for the different systems for quicker navigation: GTA San Andreas PC cheats, GTA San Andreas XBOX cheats and GTA San Andreas

200,000+ San Andreas PS2 Cheats!?

Back in the beginning of May, we reported about all San Andreas cheat codes being found. The last unknown cheat code combinations were found by interpreting the hash values created by different combinations of button presses, and then comparing the resulting hashes with hashes for cheat codes programmed into the game. Due to the way the game’s cheat codes are programmed,

Infinite Health Cheat

edisoncarter has just informed me of a new cheat he has found. Check it out: Infinite Health DOWN, X, RIGHT, LEFT, RIGHT, R1, RIGHT, DOWN, UP, TRIANGLE Makes you mostly bulletproof and immune to fire, punches and melee attacks. You can still be hurt by explosions, falling, getting run over, and drowning. Related Links:edison’s site, GTAForums

New Cheats

Yet more cheats from edisoncarter: Always Midnight SQUARE, L1, R1, RIGHT, X, UP, L1, LEFT, LEFT Clock stopped at 00:00. Weird sudden weather changes. If you kill yourself, it’ll stay at 12:00. Recruit Anyone (Rockets) R2, R2, R2, X, L2, L1, R2, L1, DOWN, X Recruits get rocket launchers if they don’t already have weapons. Related Links:edisoncarter’s site, GTAForums Topic

New Cheat

Brand new cheat from edisoncarter: Slut Magnet SQUARE, RIGHT, SQUARE, SQUARE, L2, X, TRIANGLE, X, TRIANGLE You get the gimp suit and sluts chase you around with sex toys. Warning: may crash your game! Note: We’ve had reports of PS2’s freezing upon activation. It is recommended that you start a new game before activating this cheat. Related Links: GTAForums Topic, edisoncarter’s site