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Screenshots Available

As you can imagine, the official site is being bombarded with visitors, so we decided to upload the new screenshots early and hopefully give the official site a much needed rest. Check out all of the screenshots here. GO! GO! GO! 🙂 – Richard Kruger, R* Webmaster

Official site launch!

Rockstar Games have launched the official GTA San Andreas website! Check out the flash version for a map of Los Santos, and some other information (Including a brand new video of a beach party). The site also contains some new artwork, and a good quality trailer! West Los Santos. A very upscale neighbourhood with some of the most expensive retail outlets in

More on the trailer

Following up Eviscero’s much anticipated announcment, I also received an e-mail from R* while I was out, giving us the heads up that MTV would have a treat for us over the next few days. I suppose I’m a bit late now, but, apparently it will be running on MTV News in North America throughout the weekend. Oh, and they