Official Site Update & Multiplayer Confirmed

Just recieved an email from Rockstar to say that the official site has been updated.

There are several new screenshots, some new emails, a few desktop wallpapers (including one that’s desgined for a PSP system) and also a new trailer, but the thing that immediately caught my eye is the new “Multiplayer” section.

  • 1-6 players can take part.
  • At the moment Rockstar have announced 3 multiplayer games:
    • Liberty City Survivor: The first player to reach the kill limit or have the most kills when the timer runs out wins the game. Kill another player and earn yourself 1 point, but if you kill yourself 1 point is deducted. You can also compete in groups – one gang versus another. Sweet!
    • Protection Racket: Destroy four limos in the opposing team’s base, or defend four limos at your own. The game is played in 2 rounds, and each team will automatically be assigned the defending or attacking roles. The time it takes to destroy the four limos is calculated and shown on screen. The roles of attacking and defending then switch and the time you scored starts counting down towards 0. The new attacking gang must destroy the four limos within that time or the opposition will win.
    • Get Stretch: Similarly, you must steal as many cars from the opposing team’s base and return them to your own. The gang that reaches the target score first or steals the most within the allocated time wins the game.

More multiplayer games are to be announced soon.

Also be sure to check out the new teaser sites: Electron Zone Radio & Bathtub Gin Still.

Link: Official Website