Screenshot Gallery Updated

We have updated our screenshot gallery with two screenshots that were posted over at IGN. The screenshots featured earlier this month in magazines such as Computerbild-Spiele, Games Master and PSM3. We also managed to get our hands on this artwork, which also featured in the same magazines:

Artwork Gallery Updated

flore (from our forums) has done a good job of extracting/tidying up the artwork contained in the official boxart which was released yesterday. Check it out.. Link: Artwork Gallery

Official Site Update & Multiplayer Confirmed

Just recieved an email from Rockstar to say that the official site has been updated. There are several new screenshots, some new emails, a few desktop wallpapers (including one that’s desgined for a PSP system) and also a new trailer, but the thing that immediately caught my eye is the new “Multiplayer” section. 1-6 players can take part. At the