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Rockstar Games Updates on Covid-19

Rockstar Games Updates on Covid-19

Today, Rockstar has announced their strategy for their employees, amidst the chaos the Coronavirus pandemic is causing around the world, by sharing a message on Twitter: Rockstar also guarantees support will continue and all their employees will be working from the safety of home. Stay safe, everyone.

Lindsay Lohan loses appeal over “likeness” in GTA V art

Reuters reported today that after the final trial for the famous “bikini girl situation”, celebrity Lindsay Lohan has lost the appeal by a 6-0 vote. The Court of Appeals of the New York State’s highest court said that Take-Two’s depictions were “nothing more but cultural comment” and added that Take-Two owed the celebrity no damages. According to the judge, Judge Eugene Fahey,

The Rockstar Games Humble Bundle for the Rainforest Alliance

The Rockstar Games Humble Bundle for the Rainforest Alliance

In an extremely charitable move, Rockstar Games has announced a very impressive Humble Bundle package, where all proceeds are going to the Rainforest Alliance! The Rainforest Alliance is a nonprofit organisation that focuses in tackling today’s challenges: Poverty, Climate Change, Social Inequity, Biodiversity Loss through collaborations in agriculture, forestry, tourism and more. With a $1 donation to this cause, you can get GTA

L.A. Noire Switch Trailer Released

UPDATE 15:47 GMT: Some screenshots for the VR and Switch versions have also been released on the L.A. Noire website! A brand new trailer for L.A. Noire’s enhanced release has just been released by Rockstar on their Newswire. Showing off what it looks like, and how it plays with the new features such as touchscreen support and JoyCon support, this version is

LA Noire Announced for PS4, X1, Switch and VR

Today, Rockstar Games has finally announced what has been rumoured for quite a number of months. LA Noire is coming for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and for the Vive VR platforms. Coming on November 14 this year, the new release of LA Noire will be divided in a few different versions: LA Noire: The VR Case Files for

Bully Anniversary Edition Released on Mobile

Remember the good old Bullworth days? Well that was 10 years ago now, time does fly! (just about the right time for sequel though eh?). To commemorate Rockstar have announced that Bully has been re-developed for release on mobile platforms. Bully: Anniversary Edition is available for less than $10/£5 on OS and Android. Bonus: there’s a launch trailer for it