Social Club Needs An Update

Although Social Club has seen the introduction of several games over the years and multiple updates to GTA Online, it just feels like the website itself has been forgotten in time. In this article I will just focus on features I would like to see in the future to improve SC integration with GTAO.

Property Management

Why not become a landlord, you’re already a criminal. Buy properties, rent them out and let other players pay for it! While properties in GTAO can be quite expensive if you are new, high level players will often have a couple of apartments just gathering dust. Renting those out at a cheaper price would be beneficial for both parties.

When was the last time you actually used your Yacht? Rent it to the other players so they can party on it (party accessories could come as an extra too!). Rent your warehouses to players so they can complete their own missions from it. A player wants to buy another car but has no space to store it? Rent a space from one of your many garages.

Vehicle Management

How good would it be if you could just order new vehicles from SC? While we are at it, let us move vehicles between garages, order tuning parts from Los Santos Customs and resell our cars, to other players even.


The in-game bank site is okay, but it would be a lot better managing our money through SC. We could be sending and receiving money from players and even creating more bank accounts so we can better organize our fortune, or lack thereof.

Player Controlled Markets

Everything has a price, some people just lack the money. Introduce a limit to how many of a certain item can exist in the world, make it common or make it rare. You have a vehicle with a rare set of rims? Put it on auction on the Social Club Market. The car is not that rare? Strip it for parts and sell them individually so other players can re-sell them or use the parts for their cars. There are so many things that could be sold in a market controlled by the community: houses, vehicles, services such as recruiting hired guns to complete missions with you instead of spending hours waiting in a lobby just to regret the selection of players that was offered to you.


What good is being the crew leader if your members don’t give you any money? Let them chip in and share GTA$ and RP from missions they complete, helping to upgrade crew features, and well, your pockets too. The hierarchy section could display some useful and quick information about your crew: what is their current level, how much money are they bringing in a week, are any of them a good pilot? Who won the most races?


GTA Online databases must be packed with random but interesting data us nerds would want to look at. A public leaderboard with all kinds of filters would make us extremely happy. I want to be able to see who has the most money or who has made the most money, yesterday. I want to be able to see who owns the most cars, or who owns the most of the same car, in pink. What is more popular, male or female characters? What is the most played mission or race? Oh, and definitely fix/re-introduce world records in races and while we are it, can we get a similar thing for missions?


An official API for Social Club would be more than welcome, especially for places like us at GTANet/GTAForums. Being able to allow the forum users to display different kinds of stats from their characters directly on their profiles could work quite well.

Account Linking

Social Club already offers a good range of different platforms to link into, but a couple more would be nice to see there. A lot of players end up looking for potential heist/mission partners in our forums, so an option to link your GTAForums account or something else like your preferred Reddit sub could prove quite helpful.

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Thumbnail credits: An-D-Man333