It’s official: the next Grand Theft Auto is in development!

It’s not quite an announcement, but it’s something we’ve been waiting on for a while now!

In today’s Community Update, Rockstar announced at long last that the next iteration in the GTA series is “well underway”.

Not too surprising you could say, but the confirmation was completely unexpected and boy does it feel good to finally have those words on paper. Throughout the day the community has been absolutely buzzing, and even though it’s early days, there has been an enormous social media response amongst delighted fans and Rockstar developers alike.

Rockstar aren’t quite ready to divulge anything further at the moment, so we don’t have a title yet, a setting or a location, but we definitely have a new GTA in the works! Rejoice!

We’re probably pretty far from a release date and we have SO MANY questions, but join us for speculation and discussion in the GTA VI section of GTAForums as we anticipate what’s next and how exactly Rockstar will deliver a project that will “significantly move beyond” anything they’ve released before… 👀

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