It’s official: the next Grand Theft Auto is in development!

It’s official: the next Grand Theft Auto is in development!

It’s not quite an announcement, but it’s something we’ve been waiting on for a while now! In today’s Community Update, Rockstar announced at long last that the next iteration in the GTA series is “well underway”. Not too surprising you could say, but the confirmation was completely unexpected and boy does it feel good to finally have those words on

Kotaku: Rockstar Devs Discuss Working Conditions + “GTA 6” Tidbits

Kotaku: Rockstar Devs Discuss Working Conditions + “GTA 6” Tidbits

Resident Kotaku news editor and renowned journalist Jason Schreier has reported today that he’s exchanged words with several current and ex-developers about the improved working conditions across the board of Rockstar Studios. This follows a tumultuous period following the release of RDR2 about the unfortunate reality of crunch time and toxic environments in the games development industry, and the effects

SA-MP v0.2 Progress

For all you SA-MP fans out there you’ll be glad to hear that the team have been making good progress with the development of v0.2. I got the chance to test it out on Friday, and I compiled a short video showing some of the latest improvements and features, which you can check out over at (some) improvements/new features: Sniper

Coming to a PS2 Soon!

A Take 2 Interactive press release made today briefly touched on plans for a PS2 port of the currently PSP exclusive Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories. The statement also reiterates that another title is in development for the PSP. At this stage we have no information about what to expect in these future releases, we can expect more information

GTA Multiplayer Development Kicks-Off

The GTA Multiplayer team have released their first video of their new development in action. The team have been working over the past few months on upgrading the SA-MP core and syncing additional features, which this video illustrates. Download the video here, and be sure to check out the new GTA Multiplayer website.

San Andreas Multiplayer Simultaneous Development

Ever since the Multi Theft Auto team brought multiplayer Grand Theft Auto to GTA3 and Vice City, other coders have taken interest in making their own multiplayer modifications. With a few weeks having passed since the release of SanAn on PC, progress has been made in making a multiplayer San Andreas modification. Our own team, San Andreas Multiplayer, has merged with GTA Connection, 1st Post Milestone

At long last, as you can see, there has been a sign of life from a site on the network other than the ever popular While the full GTANet system is still being developed, we thought it would be an idea to get this news page up and running. What with the official announcement of San Andreas, and the nearing of E3, news is