New details about GTAV E&E confirms 15th March release

Although there happens to be another little announcement on everyone’s tongues today, Rockstar have also shared some new details on the upcoming re-release of GTAV and standalone version of GTA Online in their Community Update. So, let’s summarise shall we?


Release date is confirmed for Tuesday 15th March 2022.


E&E is aimed at the new generation of consoles; PS5 and Xbox Series X/S. It’s unclear at the moment if existing PC players will receive an update/patch, or if a new version will be made available.

GTA Online standalone version will be available for free for PS5 players within the first 3 months post-release.

Technical features

  • 4K 60fps
  • Texture upgrades
  • Draw distance upgrades
  • HDR setting
  • Ray tracing
  • Faster loading times
  • 3D audio capabilities
  • Platform-specific capabilities i.e. advanced haptic feedback

Gameplay features

  • GTAV story mode save transfer available
  • GTA Online character and progression transfer available (one time migration only)
  • Ability to skip story mode prologue when entering GTA Online for the first time
  • New GTA Online tutorial
  • New players can access the Career Builder – the ability to select a free business with a lump sum of cash to help kickstart their criminal enterprise
  • Returning players can use the Career Builder if they choose to restart their character
  • Hao’s Special Works – new auto shop within LS Car Meet that allows for car upgrades such as speed and performance. There will be 5 new + 5 existing vehicles to mod at launch

And that’s all for today, folks! We’re very interested in seeing a new trailer or some more screenshots for a closer look at all these upgrades, as well as pricing information and an answer to the question marks hanging over the PC version, so fingers crossed for another blow out in the near future.

There’s currently just over 5 weeks until launch, so if you’ll be dabbling with E&E or the GTA Online standalone, remember to join in with the GTA Online and GTAV sections on GTAForums for all up to date discussion and feedback!