Official Xbox Magazine Preview

The June 2005 issue of the Official Xbox Magazine USA has started reaching the homes of subscribers. In it is a 6-page Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Xbox preview we have had the opportunity to read. There are plenty of screenshots, albeit none new, as the new screenshots were all accidentally released recently in digital format. The article is one of the bigger previews

Looking for YOUR San Andreas PC/Xbox Questions

With just under a month left until the release of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas on the PC and Xbox systems, interest in the game is steadily boiling up. Through various online and print previews, we have learned of all the improvements and changes that will be in place in the PC and Xbox ports. Over the coming month, we

New Bunch of PC, Xbox Screenshots

Spieleflut, a german gaming magazine, have updated their online galleries with new San Andreas screenshots. Our screenshot galleries have been updated accordingly. Thanks to Jordan for the heads up, and also Basti from our forums. The exclusive IGN Xbox screenshots that went up at the end of last week will be arriving tonight.

Official Site Expanded, PC and Xbox Screens Revealed

We’ve just received word from Rockstar that the official Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas website has been expanded with new PC and Xbox sections. To celebrate the launch, Rockstar has published a whole new bunch of San Andreas PC screenshots and the first ever digital San Andreas Xbox screenshots. They have also sent out a fansite exclusive screenshot. Here are the new PC screenshots, starting with

Content Update

Everything that has been confirmed throughout the past week in regards to PC and Xbox information has been pulled together and is now available on the San Andreas PC & Xbox information page. The page runs through a general outline of what will be changed, shows some screenshots and shares general speculation. Here is what we know so far. The draw distance

San Andreas Xbox Article in OXM DE

The June 2005 issue of the Official Xbox Magazine Germany (Offizielles XBox Magazin) has a cover story featuring Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Xbox. The preview is complete with multiple new screenshots and previously unreleased information. The links for the new screenshots can be found in the topic in San Andreas Xbox and PC forums. The Xbox version of San Andreas

First Xbox Preview

FuriousDevil has just informed us that the first ever San Andreas Xbox preview is out! The preview comes with this month’s edition of the Dutch “Xbox Magazine”, and although no new info is given, it contains 19 exclusive in-game screenshots. Stay tuned for more info as the PC and Xbox releases draw closer. Related Link: GTAForums Topic

Xbox Status Update

With Rockstar having popped open the can with PC screenshots and information, the Xbox version has taken a back seat for the time being. The current focus seems to be on the PC version, however following up on previous news, we are able to confirm that the Official Xbox Magazine will be doing a big story on the Xbox version in their next

San Andreas Xbox Expectations

Judging from the current poll, interest in the Xbox version of GTA San Andreas is not as high as expected. Only 15% of answerers showed interest for purchasing the Xbox title, the percentage will undoubtedly change as the release date draws closer. I’d like to go over some basic details of the Xbox release. Release Date: 7th of June (US), 10th of