San Andreas Xbox Article in OXM DE

The June 2005 issue of the Official Xbox Magazine Germany (Offizielles XBox Magazin) has a cover story featuring Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Xbox. The preview is complete with multiple new screenshots and previously unreleased information. The links for the new screenshots can be found in the topic in San Andreas Xbox and PC forums.

The Xbox version of San Andreas will be having more in common with the PC port this time, as opposed to GTA3 Xbox and GTA Vice City Xbox being very similar to the PS2 versions of the games. Here are the confirmed features for the Xbox version.

  • A replay mode will exist, just like in the PC version, allowing you to replay the last 30 seconds of your game, save the replay, and play it later.
  • The two player mode will exist for the Xbox. (not for the PC however)
  • The textures will be of higher quality.
  • The number of polygons objects are composed of has been greatly increased.
  • With the right ministick you will be able to spin the camera around your character or vehicle.
  • It will be possible to have an MP3 radio station in the Xbox version, similarly to the PC version.

Expect a fully revised San Andreas PC and Xbox information page later tonight. With all the new previews coming at full speed, we will make sure all new details and improvements are covered. A big thanks goes out to our affiliate site for providing the information for this news.