New Multiplayer Preview in OXM

Official Xbox Magazine (USA) has a new seven-page GTA IV multiplayer preview in its latest issue. The preview contains two new pieces of artwork, and eight new screenshots. Here are some points worth mentioning from the preview: Jeronimo Barrera, a senior developer at Rockstar, says it takes testers playing 4 hours a day “a good 2 weeks to get through the whole

OXM’s GTA IV Preview

The April issue of OXM (Official Xbox Magazine) contains a new preview of Grand Theft Auto IV, along with one new screenshot. The screenshot shows Niko in a black suit, holding a rocket launcher, and standing next to a blown-up car. The only new point mentioned in the preview is that painted yellow lines adjacent to safehouses (in dense areas

New GTA IV Screenshot in Official Xbox Magazine

The latest issue of Official Xbox Magazine (March 2008, USA edition) contains a new, never-before-seen screenshot of Grand Theft Auto IV. The screenshot shows Niko, on his knees, being arrested by two cops. Thanks to Freedom360 from the forums for bringing this to our attention. There is likely an exclusivity agreement between the magazine and Rockstar Games, which means we won’t be

Minor GTA IV Details Emerge

Some new (relatively minor) details have emerged in the latest issue of the Official Xbox Magazine (US): We find out that McReary’s first name is Francis, and that he knows about a felony Niko committed. It also mentions that McReary has a moustache, which suggests he is the character seen in this official artwork. The weapons on offer by Little Jacob

Trunks to provide new feature to cars in GTA IV

Another preview to have offered gamers a good introduction into GTA IV was the Official Xbox Magazine in the United States. As you’d expect, no new information, except for one thing that accidentally slipped through to the magazine while getting a demo of the game. When they approached the parked car in Broker from behind, the Admiral that so many

Grand Theft Auto IV Preview in Official Xbox Magazine

Another magazine preview of GTA IV showed up today, this time it’s the latest issue of the Official Xbox Magazine in the UK. The demo given to them was the same introductory preview given to previous magazines, containing an interview with Dan Houser, Vice President of Creative for Rockstar Games. Below is a summary of new information from the article.

Official Xbox Magazine Preview

The June 2005 issue of the Official Xbox Magazine USA has started reaching the homes of subscribers. In it is a 6-page Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Xbox preview we have had the opportunity to read. There are plenty of screenshots, albeit none new, as the new screenshots were all accidentally released recently in digital format. The article is one of the bigger previews

San Andreas Xbox Article in OXM DE

The June 2005 issue of the Official Xbox Magazine Germany (Offizielles XBox Magazin) has a cover story featuring Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Xbox. The preview is complete with multiple new screenshots and previously unreleased information. The links for the new screenshots can be found in the topic in San Andreas Xbox and PC forums. The Xbox version of San Andreas

Xbox Status Update

With Rockstar having popped open the can with PC screenshots and information, the Xbox version has taken a back seat for the time being. The current focus seems to be on the PC version, however following up on previous news, we are able to confirm that the Official Xbox Magazine will be doing a big story on the Xbox version in their next

San Andreas to Hit Xbox Sooner than Expected?

For months now (at least ever since the public release of the official San Andreas website), many GTA fans have been living by the pledge that Microsoft gamers and their mini-supersystem consoles wouldn’t be getting a taste of San Andreas for at least a year after the PS2 release. It has caught our attention however, that an article in the Official