PC Q&A: No Player Skins

GameSpot had a question and answer session about Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas PC with members of the Rockstar North team, including Obbe Vermeij, John Whyte and Chris Rothwell. There are 13 questions that have been answered. Bundled with the Q&A are four new screenshots.. although the last two look more like renders. Enjoy. Also from what I can make out, player skinning

2nd Batch of XBOX Screenshots Released

As promised, IGN has released their second batch of screenshots for the upcoming release of San Andreas on the XBox. While the previous screenshots gave us a look at eating and working out in SA, these newer screenshots focus on car modification, clothing, and dating.

San Andreas XBOX Feature at IGN

IGN have posted 8 new Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Xbox screenshots, all of which focus on the eating/working-out aspect of the game. We are expecting a preview to go along with it shortly. Stay tuned. Update: The preview has gone live, and is the first of a 3-part set of articles IGN will be doing over the weekend.

New XBOX Screenshots

Rockstar have sent us a whole bunch of GTA San Andreas Xbox screenshots that were given exclusively to online gaming corps earlier this month. Check out the rest at our gallery.

PlanetGTA’s E3 Hands-On Experience

About a week ago we asked our visitors to submit their San Andreas questions. Today we have the answers. One of our own, Jordan from our partnersite PlanetGrandTheftAuto, was treated to an hour long 1-on-1 preview of the PC/Xbox version of San Andreas at E3 today. Besides being able to get past the security and into Rockstar’s “booth” (which was more like a parking lot of pimped out

New Xbox Hands-On Experiences

TeamXbox has just posted previews of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas for the Xbox based on their experiences with the game at Rockstar’s offices in downtown NYC. There is no new information as such, but the article is accompanied by a bunch of new screenshots. Here is a snippet: “Taking the custom soundtrack feature one step further, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

San Andreas Xbox Trailer Public Download

Following on from news yesterday about the first Xbox trailer release, we contacted Rockstar about getting a public download of the trailer. The official Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Xbox site has been updated and the trailer is available in a variety of different sizes and formats in the media section. Direct Links: Quicktime High / Low. Windows Media High / Low.

First Xbox Trailer

IGN have just released the first ever GTA San Andreas Xbox footage. The trailer is 58 seconds long, and there doesn’t appear to be any significant difference (in terms of gameplay) between the Xbox version and the Playstation2 version. Link: GTA San Andreas Xbox Trailer

Xbox Preview @ GameSpot

After a long quiet spell, GameSpot are finally offering some new GTA San Andreas material. The preview itself contains nothing that we didn’t already know, but it was accompanied by 6 brand new screenshots. We saw a significantly greater draw distance in the demo we played, which means the horizon is farther away than in the PS2 version, so you can see a lot

IGN’s Xbox First Look

IGN has put up a preview about their first impressions of San Andreas Xbox. There is no new information, but it is a good overview of what we know so far. As a bonus there are 5 new screenshots. You can expect us to carry them in the coming week. Some of you might be quick to notice that the screenshots released with this