IGN’s Xbox First Look

IGN has put up a preview about their first impressions of San Andreas Xbox. There is no new information, but it is a good overview of what we know so far. As a bonus there are 5 new screenshots. You can expect us to carry them in the coming week.

Some of you might be quick to notice that the screenshots released with this preview were of smaller resolution than the Xbox screenshots we have seen previously. IGN confirmed that the resolution of the Xbox version will be 480 progressive. Specifics on 480p Xbox games from TeamXbox:

480p is an Enhanced Definition TV (EDTV) standard displayed using progressive scanning at a 640 wide by 480 high pixel resolution. Progressive Scanning handles each frame of video much differently. Progressive scanning eliminates the need to draw two separate fields for each frame of video. Instead, Progressive Scanning draws every scan line, even and odd, for each frame. Progressive scan is usually 60 frames per second, or 60 full frames per second.

That confirms that the game will be in 640×480 resolution and playing at 60fps.