PC PowerPlay Australia Preview

An Australian gaming magazine PcPowerplay has published an 8-page preview of San Andreas PC with all the new screenshots and information we have so far. Since there isn’t any new information and the preview was simply a great read, here are some quotes. Thanks to our mate Fishmaster from GTA Central for making this preview available for the partners network.

“I’m not willing to totally rule out pop-up or frame-rate clips, but the way the game looks and moves on the PC pops a cap in the ass of the PS2 version.”

“As you walk CJ around you’ll see the shadows of over-head power lines fall across his body, as you drive you see lights bounce off the sheen of your car (if it’s clean enough) and when you fire your nitrous you see these brilliantly billowing jets of flame.”

“Yep, SA is going to be mod friendly. After the devs saw people make the unfinished Dodo fly and develop multiplayer game mods, the figured they owed the fans a slightly easier path to tweaking their favourite game.”

If you live in Australia, I would highly recommend picking up the magazine and reading through the preview. It is one of the best San Andreas previews written to date, hands down. You can discuss the preview at our forums.