Looking for YOUR San Andreas PC/Xbox Questions

With just under a month left until the release of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas on the PC and Xbox systems, interest in the game is steadily boiling up. Through various online and print previews, we have learned of all the improvements and changes that will be in place in the PC and Xbox ports.

Over the coming month, we might or might not be able to arrange a meeting with Rockstar Games and have the opportunity to ask them some questions, and so we would like to hear from our visitors. What do you still want to know about the upcoming releases that hasn’t been said yet? In order to make the questions unique and different from the usual details we hear reported in magazines and online gaming sites, we want you to help put together a set of questions.

We welcome your questions at the “what do you want to know” topic on the forums. When putting together possible questions, make sure the questions are about either the PC or Xbox version and make sure the answer is not already in the PC and Xbox info page.