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Snap Saturday: Perhaps Here, Things Will Be Different

Snap Saturday: Perhaps Here, Things Will Be Different

Welcome to Snap Saturday, GTANet’s ode to the virtual photography community who continue to capture some amazingly creative shots across GTA and Red Dead. This week on 29th April, Grand Theft Auto IV celebrated its 14th anniversary! Crazy, isn’t it? It certainly doesn’t feel like 14 years… Telling us the story of Niko Bellic, an immigrant who moved to Liberty City

Grand Theft Auto IV official website launching tomorrow

News is coming through that the official Grand Theft Auto IV website will launch tomorrow, with new screenshots, videos, and info on the game. We may even see a map of Liberty City. We will have more information on this very shortly… This is all we have to source right now: Edit from Andy: If you’re looking at jumping into a discussion about

Liberty City Map Revealed?

…kinda. A member called Bluespot at our forums has made a very intriguing discovery in the third GTA IV trailer. In the boat scene at 1:24, (part of) the Liberty City map appears to be shown on the boat’s dashboard. It is very small and therefore difficult to examine, but it does seem to give a fair indication of the shape of the

Inside Liberty City: Developer Diary

Yahoo! has posted a mini developer diary feature detailing a bit of the process behind the creation of Liberty City. The article includes a few new screens side-by-side with photos of the real places. Thanks to HolyHondaEk4 from the forums for pointing it out.

First Digital GTA IV Screenshot

Apart from the five official screenshots released by Rockstar Games, and those captured from the first official trailer, so far we’ve only come to see screenshots printed in magazine publications, which of course were graciously ported over to the web by way of a revolutionary digital invention, the almighty scanner. In order for us not to breach the copyright law, in which

Liberty City will [NOT] be a lot bigger than you think

When I saw this earlier today I decided not to post about this, but since then it made a popular trip around the web, including popular gaming blogs and social news website While GamesRadar brought us news today of another upcoming magazine preview on GTA IV – Play in the UK – they posted another article on how large they think

GTA4 World Premiere Preview Reaches Subscribers

The May issue of Game Informer (which has a 10-page Grand Theft Auto IV world exclusive preview) is beginning to reach the homes of subscribers. See GTAF for more details. “One of our biggest goals early in development is that it should feel different than any other game. It shouldn’t be ‘Oh, here’s a really good looking but stiff character.’‘ DAN

Tricks & Minor Updates

*Contains Spoilers* First of all, this awesome guide was written by Undergroundarts, and provides instructions on how to explore areas of Liberty City during the mission ‘Saint Mark’s Bistro’. Once you arrive at Saint Mark’s: Shoot off all of Forelli’s bodyguards, but do not kill Forelli. When you are at the back of the bistro (outside), push the car away from Forelli. To do this,

An interesting discovery

* Don’t read any further if you don’t want the game spoiled! Many people wondered if it was possible to cruise Liberty City during the mission ‘St. Marks Bistro’ and PS2-Scene have discovered a way that makes this possible. However, you can only roam a small area in Portland (it’s an interior high up in the sky, for sake of interest). Gameshark codes are

Liberty City Tribute

For almost two years this site has gone without update. As you might have noticed we have moved on to new things, and our main sites right now are, and Now you might ask why I would make the effort to update this ages old site. Well over the last few months we have made good friends with PlanetGrandTheftAuto, and this news