Tricks & Minor Updates

*Contains Spoilers*

First of all, this awesome guide was written by Undergroundarts, and provides instructions on how to explore areas of Liberty City during the mission ‘Saint Mark’s Bistro’.

Once you arrive at Saint Mark’s:

  • Shoot off all of Forelli’s bodyguards, but do not kill Forelli.
  • When you are at the back of the bistro (outside), push the car away from Forelli. To do this, you will need a light weapon that you can run with, to give you the body strength to push the car away from him. The reason for this being, Forelli will shoot the vehicle when he is trying to shoot you, and blow the vehicle up (which will also kill Forelli, and end the mission).
  • Move right, into the area (with the trees) that stem’s off from the courtyard, and walk towards the top left corner of that area (on the very top of the peak of snow).
  • Face towards the corner where the two walls meet, and throw a grenade. The grenade will bounce back, and explode after about 3 seconds (this will reduce your health greatly). You must jump as the grenade explodes. The grenade will act as a boost, and send you high into the air. Time your jump correctly (moving forward whilst you are in the air) and you should end up on the other side of the wall.

Be careful from this point onwards, as most of the scenery is not solid. If you’d like to test which areas are solid and which are not, shoot at the buildings/ground around about you, and if you see sparks it is definitely solid. But for now, you are safe. Most of the snow on the other side of that wall is solid, and you are able to walk on it.

Unfortunately the road leading to Saint Mark’s is not solid, so do not attempt to go there! Infact, none of the roads in that area are solid — only patches of the snow. You can adjust the camera (using the right analog stick) to see through some of the walls, and witness some of the scenery in Portland.

If you fall through one of the roads/buildings, it will take a long before you reach the ground. The reason being, Liberty City is hundreds of miles high above the maximum height that planes can fly, in South East San Fierro — so be sure to save your game before starting this mission.

If you do happen to fall through the ground, there’s still a little something for you to see. None of the scenery in San Fierro will load, except for a few roads, Cranberry Station and CJ’s garage (you may have to look around first) The entrance to the garage is now open, and you can explore the interior of the building.

The characters page has been updated, and lots of new screenshots have been added to the gallery. In additon to this, we have added a San Andreas Java Map (Created by Azkoyen) with locations marked for two-player, oysters, weapons and so on.