Game Ratings – blasted

Yesterday, a group of 5 people representing various parent, church and women organisations, and also a New York City Council member, released what they call a “10 worst violent video games” list.

The purpose of the list is, as you can imagine, to improve the ratings placed on video games such as Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (which earned 2nd place) and Halo 2, and to ensure that young children don’t have to witness the violent and unsocial acts in these games.

“We call on the marketers and sellers of video games to: publish standards for marketing video games that encourage or reward players for performing acts of violence and brutality, and that depict images demeaning to women and minorities,” their statement reads. The groups also ask publishers to “place M-rated games in a location separate from other games in stores; post signage describing the video games ratings systems; and evaluate and report on their enforcement and compliance programs of policies to prevent minors from purchasing violent video games.”

– The Group’s demands

The list contains a number of mispellings and misidentified games — Mortal Kombat: Deception, for example, which was listed as ‘Mortal Combat’

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