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Violent Videogames lead to drugs and alcohol?

“According to a study conducted by University of California’s Dr. Sonya Brady and University of Pittsburgh professor, Karen Matthews, men that have just played violent video games (e.g. Grand Theft Auto III) are more likely to smoke marijuana and drink alcohol.” Hmm, yeah, ok. Source: Joystiq

60 Minutes: Can A Video Game Lead To Murder?

The fun just doesn’t stop for Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. Even though the game is now over 3 years old, the media is still taking shots at Tommy Vercetti’s escapades through the Florida sunshine. Today, CBS’s prime-time news broadcast 60 Minutes covered a story (originally reported in March, while the incident itself happened in June of 2003) about an

State politicians proposing more game regulation

Lawmakers across the country continue to propose legislation that protects youths from the harmful effects of violent games, or that are rated “M” (for Mature content) by the Entertainment Software Ratings Board. This week, State senator of Arkansas, Shawn Womack, authored a bill that would require shops that rent or sell M-rated games to display them at a height of

Game Ratings – blasted

Yesterday, a group of 5 people representing various parent, church and women organisations, and also a New York City Council member, released what they call a “10 worst violent video games” list. The purpose of the list is, as you can imagine, to improve the ratings placed on video games such as Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (which earned 2nd place) and Halo