Liberty City Tribute

For almost two years this site has gone without update. As you might have noticed we have moved on to new things, and our main sites right now are and Now you might ask why I would make the effort to update this ages old site. Well over the last few months we have made good friends with PlanetGrandTheftAuto, and this news is about a fantastic video feature they have done.

The video is called “Liberty City Tribute” and was even featured on the front page of I would highly recommend this video for anyone who is interested in GTA3, as it sure brought back a lot of memories. Nostalgia!

Straight from PlanetGTA:

Liberty City Tribute is a unique and original video that pays homage to Grand Theft Auto III. Video of New York City is mixed with comparison shots from GTA III to show the similarities between the real and the game’s version as well as a huge GTA III finale!

The video is available for download at