Liberty City will [NOT] be a lot bigger than you think

When I saw this earlier today I decided not to post about this, but since then it made a popular trip around the web, including popular gaming blogs and social news website

While GamesRadar brought us news today of another upcoming magazine preview on GTA IV – Play in the UK – they posted another article on how large they think the map would be by plotting landmarks seen in the trailer and screenshots, as well as ones they presume to be in the game, on a real world map using Google Maps.

Now, obviously anyone would know that the actual game map wouldn’t be as large as they show it to be, right? And if they had to do the same with San Andreas and Vice City they’d end up with much larger maps than the actual ones seen in the games?

We figured it’s pretty self-explanatory and decided not to post, but seeing popular and reliable blogs posting this and not spotting this clear mistake, as well as making its way to Digg we thought that we’d put this up for the misinformed. Obviously the Liberty City seen in GTA IV is a scaled down version of the actual New York City map, moreover they’re making it more unique as they did previous GTA games, and not modeling the city of New York here.

For a more accurate representation of Liberty City in GTA IV, albeit just Algonquin (Manhattan), take a look at this map made by Tibatonk on our forums.

Games Radar Google Map’s GTA IV: Read Here
More accurate version: View here

(Good thing they didn’t do this in 2004, seeing as though San Fierro has a landmark based on something on the other side of the world. Now that would’ve been a map!)