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GTA IV Mural

Taken from Kotaku: “Found at the corner of Spring and Canal in Manhattan today by reader Savage6000. Looks like the GTA hype-machine has gone into overdrive. Let’s hope the game lives up to the building-sized ads and viral marketing campaigns.” The finished product will look like this. Related Link: Forum Thread.

GTA IV Marketing Hype begins – WANTED Posters, Liberty City Police

From Grand Theft Auto III to San Andreas, Rockstar has been known for creating small teaser sites that make reference to entities found in the GTA games themselves. By the looks of things thus far, Grand Theft Auto IV is no exception. We’ve known about the site for WKTT Radio — an uber-conservative talk radio station found in GTA IV — for some time now,

Eye Vee No More

This past week, there’s been a change taking place at the corner of Greene Street and Canal in New York City. As the photos show below, the appearance of Rockstar’s advertisement on the large wall changed from the initial big “IV” logo to the “Grand Theft Auto IV” version. It’s probably safe to say now that this is the logo

EGM’s Grand Theft Auto IV Comparisons

US magazine Electronic Gaming Monthly recently sent a photographer to NYC to try to match the GTA IV screens shot for shot, and enable comparison. Some of the results are outstanding, it’s definitely worth the read, so if you can find this magazine in your area be sure to pick it up. These are the shots which were compared..

Liberty City will [NOT] be a lot bigger than you think

When I saw this earlier today I decided not to post about this, but since then it made a popular trip around the web, including popular gaming blogs and social news website While GamesRadar brought us news today of another upcoming magazine preview on GTA IV – Play in the UK – they posted another article on how large they think

New York City Upset by GTA4’s Setting

New York City authorities are upset at the new Grand Theft Auto being set in their city. According to the NY Daily News (via Game Politics and /.), the city councilman and other city authorities have spoken out in condemnation of GTA IV. The city councilman had this little gem to add: “Setting Grand Theft Auto in the safest big city in America would be

More GTA IV Advertising

These posters were spotted by “Chris” in New York City, and submitted to Kotaku. It follows news that a 30-minute GTA IV countdown trailer was shown yesterday on the FX Network channel, which you can now see on YouTube courtesy of Raab @

GTA IV Setting Expanded: New York

The ticker on the top of our GTA IV site shows just 11 days remaining until the release of the first trailer, yet we are no closer to knowing where the game will be set. All options are still in the open, and in light of this we have expanded our GTA IV setting page to include New York as a possibility. London has