Media Update

We have updated the screenshot and artwork galleries to include all of the most recent pre-release content. At the moment we are working on some gameplay guides to asssist you with Liberty City Stories, aswell as an applet similar to the incredibly popular SAM, which featured on our GTA San Andreas site. Check back soon(ish) for updates. Links: Artwork Gallery, Screenshot Gallery

News Speculation Leaks from German Publication

A game map (albeit a fake one) for San Andreas was leaked to the internet today, the source a German gaming publication. While the map is small and lacks detail, it is an above average representation of what we can expect from the real map. An additional screenshot has also leaked from the same source. The screen is of a

Clothes Changing More Detailed

After investigating the screenshots of San Andreas, I’ve noticed that it seems the clothes changing option introduced in Vice City will be more detailed this time around. Here are the different combinations I’ve noticed thus far: Black jacket, jeans, and what look like Converse Chuck Taylor imitations. Black jacket, jeans, Timberland boots imitations. Black jacket, jeans, white sneakers. Wifebeater(tank top),

Australian OPS2 Magazine Overview

Some very interesting new information has surfaced after reading the Australian Official Playstation 2 Magazine. A testament to the size of the game, “The quickest someone got through Vice City with a guide was 36 hours that we know of. We can’t do a complete play through San Andreas yet – but I can’t see it being any less than

Rumours Of 50 Cent’s Involvement Denied

Ever since 50 Cent, the popular rapper told MTV News that he is working on a Grand Theft Auto game, the rumours have had it that he will be voicing the main character CJ. This seemed pretty probable taking into account some factors such as Carl Johnson (main character of San Andreas) shares his initials with Curtis Jackson (real name of 50

A Specification on SanAns Size

The online journal of John Davidson, who just so happens to be the Editor In Chief of the Official Playstation2 Magazine is exploring Rockstar’s claim of SanAn being multiple times larger than any/all previous GTA title(s). He explains that the cities won’t just be connected with roads, but with massive suburbs each potentially the size of GTA3. The quote is pretty

Introducing Don Salvatore Leone (again?)

Rockstar have brought Frank Vincent back in for another round of voice acting for San Andreas. If you’re not too familiar with the name, perhaps you know Don Salvatore Leone better. Frank was the voice actor for Salvatore in GTA3 and his return could mean mafia for SanAn as well. There’s not too big of a quote on the source,

Preview at PS2 Gamespy

The guys over at have recently posted an excellent article of the upcoming SanAn. It is pretty much a compilation of just about all the info about the games storyline that we know to date. I suggest you get over to the article and check it out for yourself. Some good reading in it and some vital information, a must if you want

New SanAn Preview in OPS2 UK

The new issue of Offical PlayStation2 Magazine in the UK which goes on sale June 17th will have a 13 page preview of SanAn. From the various scans of it circulating the intraweb, there seems to be no shortage of new info and pics in it either. Here’s a brief run-down on some of the new stuff mentioned and pictured:

GTASanAn dot com Lives!

Welcome to, the newest addition to the GTANet family (or if you’re reading this from the main site, click here). There’s still a graphic or two that need adding, and some code that needs prodding behind the scenes, but Jev and I figured we would launch the beast so everyone could get an early taste of the orange flavored goodness.