Introducing Don Salvatore Leone (again?)

Rockstar have brought Frank Vincent back in for another round of voice acting for San Andreas. If you’re not too familiar with the name, perhaps you know Don Salvatore Leone better. Frank was the voice actor for Salvatore in GTA3 and his return could mean mafia for SanAn as well.

There’s not too big of a quote on the source, but it certainly is enough to start some big discussions and predictions of the mafia making a big hit in SanAn. Quote taken from¬†Frank’s official site.

“And look forward to Frank lending his voice once again as Don Salvatore Leone in the sequel to Rock Star’s Grand Theft Auto III.”

Everyone knows the classical mafia look is polished shoes, grey or black suit and some strange hat. That’s pretty much the Leone Family Mafia in a nutshell. So what shall Don Salvatore’s threads be this time, the 50’s style or is it angry thugs in football jerseys?