Rumours Of 50 Cent’s Involvement Denied

Ever since 50 Cent, the popular rapper told MTV News that he is working on a Grand Theft Auto game, the rumours have had it that he will be voicing the main character CJ. This seemed pretty probable taking into account some factors such as Carl Johnson (main character of San Andreas) shares his initials with Curtis Jackson (real name of 50 Cent).

However all this has been overturned by the August issue of Electronic Gaming Monthly. ISd3d from our has apparently received the magazine which is hitting shelves on the 29th of June, and here is a little excerpt.

…50 Cent? Bullet-riddled rapper 50 Cent said in an interview that he’d be involved in the next GTA. Sorry, 50 Cent, but it’s not your birthday – Rockstar tells us you have nothing to do with this sequel.”
– August 2004 Issue of Electronic Gaming Monthly (EGM).

To be honest I didn’t fancy the idea of 50 Cent in San Andreas anyway..