News Speculation Leaks from German Publication

A game map (albeit a fake one) for San Andreas was leaked to the internet today, the source a German gaming publication. While the map is small and lacks detail, it is an above average representation of what we can expect from the real map.

An additional screenshot has also leaked from the same source. The screen is of a few members in the Orange Grove Families in a car apparently about to have a confrontation with a rival gang.

Their enemies, as you can see through the windshield, are all decked out in green from head to toe. This is the first appearance of a rival gang since the Ballas. Possibly the other confirmed gang, the Flats? Anything is possible.

You can visit this German web forum for that and any other OPS2M details.

Source: August Issue of the Offizielle Playstation 2 Magazine Deutschland (German OPS2M)