Those wacky politicians are at it again…

In a rather comedic turn of events, California State Assembly member Leland Yee has issued a statement condemning the ESRB for “failing to appropriately rate Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas”. If you haven’t read (or guessed) already, yes, this has to do with ye olde Hot Coffee mod for the PC version of San An. In his press release (which

Xbox and PC Video Comparison at IGN

street 454 brings to our attention to a video comparison IGN did between the PS2, Xbox and PC versions of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. Similarly to my Xbox impressions and concerns news, IGN says the Xbox version doesn’t have the ‘wow’ factor that GTA3 and Vice City had on the Xbox. The video comparison was narrated by the PC and Xbox chief editors at

San Andreas Seeing Japan in Autumn?

IGN is writing that Capcorn, the publisher of the GTA franchise in Japan, has set a release date of Autumn for San Andreas in the Japanese market. IGN believes a simultaneous Xbox/PS2 release is likely.

Official Site Updates, First Reviews

Rockstar games announced earlier on that some updates have been made to the official Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Xbox and PC sites. The video section of the PC version site has been updated with two video clips. First first one shows a Hunter helicopter flying around the desert and the second shows off the urban area of Los Santos. Both are quite spectacular visually,

New GTA San Andreas Xbox Screens

IGN have posted 6 brand new GTA San Andreas Xbox screenshots. The screens were also accompanied by this article, but sadly there’s nothing in there that we didn’t already know. Just as a quick reminder, the Xbox version will be released on June 7th in the USA and June 10th in Europe/Australia. Pre-order your copy today by using the links at the top of this

2nd Batch of XBOX Screenshots Released

As promised, IGN has released their second batch of screenshots for the upcoming release of San Andreas on the XBox. While the previous screenshots gave us a look at eating and working out in SA, these newer screenshots focus on car modification, clothing, and dating.

San Andreas XBOX Feature at IGN

IGN have posted 8 new Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Xbox screenshots, all of which focus on the eating/working-out aspect of the game. We are expecting a preview to go along with it shortly. Stay tuned. Update: The preview has gone live, and is the first of a 3-part set of articles IGN will be doing over the weekend.

New Xbox Hands-On Experiences

TeamXbox has just posted previews of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas for the Xbox based on their experiences with the game at Rockstar’s offices in downtown NYC. There is no new information as such, but the article is accompanied by a bunch of new screenshots. Here is a snippet: “Taking the custom soundtrack feature one step further, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

GTA Next on PS3?

Various early reports (such as IGN) following the PS3’s unveiling at E3 are saying that Sony have mentioned the next GTA could/will be a launch title. This hasn’t been officially confirmed to my knowledge, but I did find this quote lurking amongst a bunch of other quotes from random developers regarding the new console: “Each time SCEI launches a console, the