Xbox and PC Video Comparison at IGN

street 454 brings to our attention to a video comparison IGN did between the PS2, Xbox and PC versions of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. Similarly to my Xbox impressions and concerns news, IGN says the Xbox version doesn’t have the ‘wow’ factor that GTA3 and Vice City had on the Xbox. The video comparison was narrated by the PC and Xbox chief editors at IGN, who also mentioned the hot coffee modification and were apparently trying to get an official word from Rockstar on it. So far Rockstar doesn’t seem to have commented on it, so let’s hope someone over at Rockstar North is not in trouble for forgetting to remove the unused mini-game. If you’re not an IGN subscriber, you can still check out the video at IGN’s videos page.

In terms of visual quality, lowest is PS2, Xbox’s is slightly higher – there’s a lot less pop-ins, a lot less fade-ins. There’s still shimmering, there’s still aliasing. It’s not a great looking game. After that the PC version gets that better.

Doug Perry, Editor-in-Chief IGNXbox