IGN’s Xbox First Look

IGN has put up a preview about their first impressions of San Andreas Xbox. There is no new information, but it is a good overview of what we know so far. As a bonus there are 5 new screenshots. You can expect us to carry them in the coming week. Some of you might be quick to notice that the screenshots released with this

Second Batch of Christmas Cheat Codes

Courtesy of IGN, who has presented us with the second pack of new cheat codes for the PS2 version of GTA San Andreas. Jump HighCJ can now jump 10 times as high as before. That’s right, CJ’s getting higher than ever.UP, UP, TRIANGLE, TRIANGLE, UP, UP, LEFT, RIGHT, SQUARE, R2, R2. FattyCJ turns into one hell of a tubby.TRIANGLE, UP, UP,

Selection of New Cheat Codes

Courtesy of IGN, and a bunch of other sites who all seem to claim these codes to be exclusive to them: Beach PartyPedestrians turn into girls wearing swimsuits. Vehicles are also beach style and CJ will be dressed in shorts and sandals:UP, UP, DOWN, DOWN, SQUARE, CIRCLE, L1, R1, TRIANGLE, DOWN Get ParachutePuts a parachute on CJ’s back:LEFT, RIGHT, L1, L2,

“The Introduction”

On Wednesday we reported that the San Andreas double CD soundtrack would feature a 22-minute bonus DVD titled ‘The Introduction’ — a cinematic prologue to Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. IGN have released the official trailer, some images and a corresponding article. Be sure to check it out. You can watch the full resolution trailer direct from Rockstar if you’re

IGN’s Breakdown of San Andreas Radio Stations

IGN is continuing their in-depth breakdown of the San Andreas radio stations, which basically consist of a description of the radio station at hand, and paragraphs about the different songs on those radio stations. So far IGN has managed to publish 4 pieces of their series, including K-DST, Bounce FM, Radio Los Santos and Playback FM. If you’re interested in reading about the music played

GameSpot & IGN Reviews

GameSpot and IGN were first to review Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas online, with the game scoring 9.6 and 9.9 out of 10! Both sites have added quite a number of new screenshots to their galleries (32 on GameSpot). The images show off the new HUD display, CJ playing pool, and the very first co-op screens. Be sure to check out the new videos on IGN and GameSpot, and of course GameSpot’s

Weekend Updates

IGN has just posted a new article about the insane stunt jumps. Along with the article, there’s some new movies as well! GameSpot have also added two new videos. Be sure to check them out. Related Links: IGN Article, New Movies, GameSpot Videos

Thursday Las Venturas Screenshots

IGN have added brand new screenshot of Las Venturas to their gallery. This is one of the first looks we have had at the gambling system. It shows the player playing Blackjack with the dealer, and winning. Go check it out! Gamespot have also added a new screenshot to their collection. The screenshot shows a dune buggy driving through the desert, and