IGN explain what’s to be expected in the PS2 release

IGN made public a few hours ago an article explaining some of the many questions surrounding the upcoming PS2 release, as well as flaunting some screenshots of the action and the official trailer. The article explains the unfortunate loss of multiplayer capabilities on this platform, but assures us the integrity of the rest of the game remains — performing “almost

New stuff at IGN

Check out the following FAQ’s written by Rockstar Games to help you progress through Liberty City Stories: Weapons Checklist Vehicles Checklist Unlockables/Hints FAQ Rampages List/FAQ Odd Jobs List/FAQ Radio Station List/FAQ Main Cast List/FAQ Game Manual (PDF .ZIP)

IGN Produce 4 More Videos

IGN have added a further four videos to their site showing short clips from some of the action in Liberty City Stories. For those not yet certain in their mind whether or not to buy the game, these videos should provide an insight into the gameplay available. The four sequences show a wide variety of what to expect, featuring driving

Liberty City Stories Reviewed

Cherck out IGN’s five page review of GTA: Liberty City Stories which also contains a variety of new screenshots. IGN rated each element of the game individually, all of which recieved high 8.5’s and 9.5’s, with the game getting an overall 9/10. Impressive. A reminder to those of you in North America – GTA: Liberty City Stories is in stores now, so go

New domain, new design & more

Welcome to GTALibertyCityStories.net First of all, we apologise for the recent downtime – There was a hard drive failure and it had to be replaced to prevent database corruption. If you have visited previously you will notice that we have a brand new design – crafted by Tsuroki and coded by Luke. As far as previews go – French site GameKult added a

Fashion Preview

This week IGN tell us about the outfits available in GTA: Liberty City Stories. Here is a quick summary of the preview: Sometimes you may need a certain outfit to complete a mission, but the rest of the time Toni can dress as he pleases. You can also unlock new outfits as you progress through the storyline. Casual – This is

Rockstar Leeds Interview

IGN got a chance to interview Rockstar Leeds president Gordon Hall. There are also 3 new screenshots. Now that multiplayer is out there’s all kinds of things we’d love for you elaborate on. Are there any particularly cool technical aspects you could share with us? Why six players? GH: Six players seems to be the sweet spot for us. It’s

Frank Vincent Speaks

This week, IGN spoke to Frank Vincent, the voice behind Don Salvatore Leone: IGN: Did you do the recording for all three games at the same location? What was the process like? What was the best thing about it? Frank Vincent: I think we did the first one someplace else, in a different studio. And I think we did the last two

4 new screenshots

Two brand new screenshots from GamesRadar, and two un-watermarked screenshots that were featured in IGN’s weekend preview: Thanks to n�wton for the heads-up. Related Links: GTAForums Topic, GamesRadar Preview