GTAV Promotional Materials Discovered

With Rockstar confirming GTA V is available to pre-order from this coming Monday (5th November) it appears retailers have started to receive some promotional materials ready for marketing. Members at GTAForums have reported special Los Santos “photo viewers” featuring locations from the game have been distributed alongside two-sided posters featuring the unreleased artwork seen earlier this week. We’ve heard that these cool

GTA V Viral Marketing Begins

Rockstar’s first GTA V viral marketing campaign has begun, starting with a number of tweets from the previously dormant Epsilon Program. The Epsilon Program first made an appearance in GTA San Andreas and has been mentioned numerous times on radio stations and by pedestrians. The religious cult brainwashes it’s followers into handing over large amounts of money and is believed to be

GTA IV Marketing Hype begins – WANTED Posters, Liberty City Police

From Grand Theft Auto III to San Andreas, Rockstar has been known for creating small teaser sites that make reference to entities found in the GTA games themselves. By the looks of things thus far, Grand Theft Auto IV is no exception. We’ve known about the site for WKTT Radio — an uber-conservative talk radio station found in GTA IV — for some time now,