Grand Theft Auto IV Previews in PSU3 and OPM2 UK

Following the recent release of new screenshots and online previews, two new magazine previews for GTA IV made its way to UK readers. First is a magazine called PlayStation 3 Unlimited, still with the same introductory preview, and the Official PlayStation 2 Magazine, who seems like they’re just writing a lot of speculative information. Firstly, PSU3 says that there are four

More screenshots!

GTAF member Medalion Man has recently posted a handful of Vice City Stories screenshots on our boards. Although they’re not high-res like the screenshots adam mentioned a few days back, they are still of a better quality than the scanned-and-watermarked-to-hell ones that we’ve been dealing with over the past month or so. In other news, according to the folks over at 1Up, it seems that

First Xbox Preview

FuriousDevil has just informed us that the first ever San Andreas Xbox preview is out! The preview comes with this month’s edition of the Dutch “Xbox Magazine”, and although no new info is given, it contains 19 exclusive in-game screenshots. Stay tuned for more info as the PC and Xbox releases draw closer. Related Link: GTAForums Topic

San Andreas PC Shipping on DVD-9 / DVD-5

Following up on Sunday’s “San Andreas PC Exclusively on DVD?” news, I made some calls and it turns out San Andreas PC will indeed by shipping on a DVD. A kind bloke at Take 2 tech support with a UK accent confirmed that because the game is so large, it will be shipped on either a dual layer DVD disc

San Andreas PC Exclusively on DVD?

From what I’ve just read, that seems to be the case. We’ve all seen the official PC boxart which looks like it’s got a DVD graphic in the bottom corner indicating the game will be shipping on a DVD disc, but it seems there’s more to the DVD theory.. A fan on our San Andreas PC & Xbox forums contacted Rockstar about

World Exclusive San Andreas PC Preview in GameStar

German gaming magazine GameStar has secured a world exclusive first look at the PC version of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas by travelling to Rockstar’s offices in NYC to preview the game. Their cover page preview consists of 8 pages and 12 screenshots of the never-before seen PC version. Having read through the preview, here is a summary. The draw distance is

Selection of New Cheat Codes

Courtesy of IGN, and a bunch of other sites who all seem to claim these codes to be exclusive to them: Beach PartyPedestrians turn into girls wearing swimsuits. Vehicles are also beach style and CJ will be dressed in shorts and sandals:UP, UP, DOWN, DOWN, SQUARE, CIRCLE, L1, R1, TRIANGLE, DOWN Get ParachutePuts a parachute on CJ’s back:LEFT, RIGHT, L1, L2,

Fansite Exclusive Screenshots

We’ve been kindly sent 5 screenshots by Rockstar which will be exclusive to fansites for the next 24 hours. This means you won’t see these on any gaming sites! Rockstar also promised fansite exclusives every month up until San Andreas’ release, so keep checking back.

New IGN exclusive!

After being treated to a live demonstration of San Andreas at Rockstar’s new New York HQ, IGN brings us yet another exclusive look at the latest GTA installment. The article contains never before seen screenshots and all new information, focusing on 4 new features (either brand new or improvements on existing ones) that are bound to make San Andreas just as revolutionary — if

New CJ Screenshot Exclusive

We just received a new screen shot from the R* Webmaster with the following description: “Rumors that the game was at this year’s E3 can’t be substantiated – but as a mark of respect to the fansites we thought we would let you have a quick glance at CJ outside the Los Santos convention center, which bears more than a