New IGN exclusive!

After being treated to a live demonstration of San Andreas at Rockstar’s new New York HQ, IGN brings us yet another exclusive look at the latest GTA installment.

The article contains never before seen screenshots and all new information, focusing on 4 new features (either brand new or improvements on existing ones) that are bound to make San Andreas just as revolutionary — if not moreso — than it’s predecessors.

“In the case of Rockstar’s October-bound Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, the pressure and expectations of its fans don’t seem to compare to the strain that the developers are putting on themselves. Determined to create a product so far beyond what people are anticipating, they’re working tirelessly day and night to ensure that it’s not only the best Grand Theft Auto we ever seen, but also the single best videogame we’ve ever played.”

Here’s a few highlights of the article:

  • Much like hairstyles, tattoos will be available to customize the look of CJ.
  • Depending on where you are in San Andreas, the style of tattoos will change.
  • You can use the right analog stick to move the camera — both in vehicles and on foot.
  • When using a gun, the right analog stick lets you aim with any and all ranged weapons.
  • You no longer have to stay in a fixed position while aiming.
  • You can aim with the R-Stick while running and strafing with the Left analog stick.
  • You can look in any direction, even when you’re driving.
  • Cars get dirty (even rust), and in turn you can now take em’ through the car wash.
  • Gangs now sport their own “social” clique. Have a good enough relationship inside the gang and they’ll always be watching your back.
  • Gangs are now smarter and have improved tactics, and act according to the situation they’re in. What might’ve gotten you out of rival turf once may not work a second time.

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