Dan Houser Interview to debut June 27th on Yahoo! Games

Tension mounted yesterday as the hours went by with Yahoo! Games yet to post anything new GTA IV-related. Late that evening it turned out that all they provided was an article looking back at the previous GTA games…

Tonight we still haven’t got anything new from them, but posted an article on “what we know so far”. In it they list an exclusive interview to be published tomorrow, June 27th.

Want more GTA details? Check back with Yahoo! Games on June 27 for an exclusive interview with Rockstar VP of creative, Dan Houser.

Both Yahoo! and Rockstar Games stated that the site will in fact provide exclusive content at some point this week — with R* personally telling us via e-mail — so we do hope that the interview tomorrow will provide any new details on the game, as well as the promised screenshots. Once it goes live, we’ll let you know.

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