Phillip Michael Thomas to return as Lance Vance?

A recent article at Kikizo Games claims that Phillip Michael Thomas (of Miami Vice fame) will return as the voice behind Lance Vance. Kikizo cites games’ Magazine as the source of this information. The article, however, seems to have confused Lance Vance with Victor Vance, the latter of which is the actual protagonist for Vice City Stories. Quote:

“the 57-year-old Thomas plays the lead role of Lance Vance, says a new report in GamesTM magazine. Thomas’s Vance is an African American ex-Marine who is led to the shady side of the law by his brother, lured by the promise of easy money.”

This information is inconsistent with all of the coverage we’ve received thus far. Lance is not the lead character in Vice City Stories, his brother Victor is. Furthermore, from what we know, Vic has not yet left the Marines. According to the sources we’ve compiled over the past few weeks, the general assumption is that Victor is still part of the USMC.

Whether or not the inaccuracies stem from Kikizo or games’ is unknown, but the information itself should be treated as little more than rumours and hearsay at this point. It is rare for Rockstar to release information on casting this early, and combined with the inaccuracies in the article, it’s easy to question the authenticity of the source.

The only bit of this article that is remotely believable, at this point, is the suggestion of Phillip Michael Thomas returning to provide the voice of Lance Vance.

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