Phillip Michael Thomas to return as Lance Vance?

A recent article at Kikizo Games claims that Phillip Michael Thomas (of Miami Vice fame) will return as the voice behind Lance Vance. Kikizo cites games’ Magazine as the source of this information. The article, however, seems to have confused Lance Vance with Victor Vance, the latter of which is the actual protagonist for Vice City Stories. Quote: “the 57-year-old Thomas plays the lead

First Details Emerge – Victor Vance as Main Character

(View the full scans/screens/info etc. here) Chris Stead (editor of GamePro Australia) has just informed users at that his magazine will have all of the first details (plus shots) of GTA:VCS when it goes on sale tomorrow. Fortunately, JarJar was able to get his hands on an early copy. Here is a detailed summary of the preview: The main character is Victor Vance, Lance’s

Ray Machowski

Ray Machowski has now been confirmed as a returning character in GTA: Liberty City Stories. Ray, voiced by Robert Loggia, was a corrupt police officer working for the Yakuza gang in GTA3. He is best known for his paranoia. Artwork released by Rockstar earlier in the year suggests that Ray will feature in Liberty City Stories, although nothing has ever