New Editorial – “What’s next for Grand Theft Auto? Pt. I” & Another Online Screenshot

Nobody can give you a better idea of what Rockstar might have in store next for the Grand Theft Auto series, than our expert writer Candarelli. In the first of a series of articles, Candarelli discusses what a massive multiplayer GTA game would entail, and how he would imagine it.

Shortly after the release of “Vice City” the name “Crime Online” surfaced somewhere through the confusion that internet gaming sites provide, but traces of its existence quickly subsided. I’m here to bring it back though, except I’m going to detail exactly how such a title would be if the mastermind behind its production was me. My concept is as follows: Crime Online is a MMORPG (massive multiplayer online role-playing game) with its roots in different cities rife with crime and all around grit. You must control your custom player in real time through a city filled with other players like yourself’ you must climb the ladder.

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On another note, we’ve located another digital copy of a screenshot that has been published in several magazines over the months.

Thanks to Gamestar for that, and look for more digital screenshots — none of that scanned low-resolution crap — on our redesigned screenshots page.