IGN: The Characters of GTA IV

IGN have just posted a new preview titled “The Characters of GTA IV” along with 5 new screenshots. It provides character profiles for Roman Bellic, Vlad, Elizabeta, Manny, and Brucie – five of the characters which were seen in the latest trailer. Check it out: IGN: “The Characters of Grand Theft Auto IV.” We’ll have the new screenshots in our gallery as soon as R* give us

IGN explain what’s to be expected in the PS2 release

IGN made public a few hours ago an article explaining some of the many questions surrounding the upcoming PS2 release, as well as flaunting some screenshots of the action and the official trailer. The article explains the unfortunate loss of multiplayer capabilities on this platform, but assures us the integrity of the rest of the game remains — performing “almost

New domain, new design & more

Welcome to First of all, we apologise for the recent downtime – There was a hard drive failure and it had to be replaced to prevent database corruption. If you have visited previously you will notice that we have a brand new design – crafted by Tsuroki and coded by Luke. As far as previews go – French site GameKult added a

San Andreas vs. Halo 2 at Forbes

Forbes online has put up an interesting comparison of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and Halo 2, including information about the publishers of both companies and sales expectations over the upcoming holiday season.

New Editorial – “What’s next for Grand Theft Auto? Pt. I” & Another Online Screenshot

Nobody can give you a better idea of what Rockstar might have in store next for the Grand Theft Auto series, than our expert writer Candarelli. In the first of a series of articles, Candarelli discusses what a massive multiplayer GTA game would entail, and how he would imagine it. Shortly after the release of “Vice City” the name “Crime Online” surfaced somewhere

The Dark Side of San Andreas

Another article joins our collection here at GTASanAn! PyroHazard, of, has sent in an article concerning the new features in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. Similar to Candarelli’s “Pitfalls of San Andreas” series, The Dark Side of San Andreas looks at what could go wrong with the new gadgets in SA. Also, if you haven’t already, be sure to check out our

The Pitfalls of “San Andreas” Pt. II

The second installment of my controversial series of articles is up and ready to read. “San Andreas” where gats and thugs make way for happy meals and the Hamburglar…” “…the majority do not want it [the dietary feature] to become a bothersome gameplay device. While a crime game that could be compared with EA smash PC game “The Sims” would